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    Aircon Chemical Washing Service


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    Aircon Chemical Wash Servicing

    • Disinfection of Aircon filters

    • Chemical rinsing of unit interior

    • Chemical wiping of condenser and cooling coils

    • Thorough cleaning of inner fan coil and water tray

    • Removal of initial and any chemical odors

    No. of Units One Time

    1 Fancoil


    2 Fancoils


    3 Fancoils and above

    Less Than $70/unit!

    Why do a Chemical Wash?


    Deep Cleaning

    While general servicing is enough to keep the air that you breathe clean, there may be an internal buildup of harder dirt materials and even bacteria. While the air is clean, the aircon’s interiors certainly are not. While the aircon can certainly work well, it might only be so on the exterior, and until we check the interiors of the aircon thoroughly, we will never know how dirty the insides of the aircon will be.


    Longer lasting aircons

    While general servicing keeps the air that you breath and experience cool and clean, the idea of a chemical wash is that it is a type of maintenance that increases the lifespan of your AC unit by using chemicals to wash off all the dirt and germs that were not there in the first place. Hence, the chemical washing advantage is a more viable option than that of buying a new aircon, and this is one way that unit owners can think about the situation.


    Removal of smell

    One thing that a general servicing cannot remove is the odor coming from your aircon. Algae and bacteria can gather deep in the aircon interior and even in the drainage pipe. The bad odor that is in your aircon comes directly from these microorganisms which do not disappear just from regular rinsing and washing. To get rid of odors and germs once and for all, you need to indulge in a chemical wash, ideally once or twice a year.

    The SOServices Aircon Chemical washing process

    Disassembling the air conditioner

    If we want to clean the aircon part-by-part, and thoroughly, there is no other way but to break the aircon down into its constituent parts and then wiping them down one-by-one. While an aircon may not just be a normal Fan Coil Unit, it could be a cassette, and outdoor unit etc, our experienced aircon technicians are trained and ready to handle any sort of aircon unit.

    air-conditioner (3)

    Wipedown and Damage check

    When we have broken the aircon down into its initial parts, this is the best time to not just wipe down each part and disinfect it thoroughly, but also inspect each part thoroughly for any potential damage or malfunction. Take it as a yearly checkup and treatment for your AC unit to keep it healthy and long lasting. After the initial chemical cleaning, we will rinse the aircon thoroughly to remove any odors that may linger.

    Oiling for smooth operations

    After chemical cleaning of the AC, we lubricate the aircon, especially the compressor, which requires a special oil for smooth sailing operation of its parts. Without the lubricant, the parts rub against each other and may cause damage, even though the aircon unit was just treated and cleaned. Hence, the lubrication reduces damage and stops the possibility of noise during fan operation.

    air-conditioner (3)

    Reassemble and Re-installation

    SOServices technicians now put together the aircon and ensure that it runs smoothly. It should work even better than before and blow out air that is cooler and faster than before. As the customer, you may feel that your aircon has become brand new, and this is hence the more economical option than buying a new aircon altogether. Your aircon should make your room cold again, especially in this Singaporean summer climate.

    Brands that we’ve serviced

    Why SOServices’ Chemical washing services?

    Experienced Technicians

    SOServices has professional chemical wash technicians that are trained on-the-job before they are sent to you. In the team of two sent to you, there may be perhaps one technician being trained on-the-job, but rest assured there will always be a supervisor level technician in a two-team man. This is because aircon servicing is a highly technical discipline, and we would never make the mistake of sending a newbie to deal with a client without proper training.

    Workmanship and Quality

    Our company values prioritize the customer’s satisfaction above all else. Especially in chemical washing, this service is usually rendered for air conditioners that are not new and face some form of malfunction. While chemical washing can extend the lifespan of an old aircon by a few years, we usually give advice and workmanship qualities on the services we bring to fix older units. We are confident in our ability to bring old units back to life and will do our best in upholding service quality to all our clients.

    Efficient yet affordable

    SOServices has served hundreds of clients, both residential and corporate clients housed in serviced apartments. We have had major satisfaction from our current batch of regular clients, and they do not have any problems coming back for more extensive and technical aircon services. We take pride in the success of our aircon servicing company in Singapore, and we would love to extend this wonderful service to rest of Singapore.