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    What appliances we can repair & replace


    Ceiling Fans

    Ceiling fans are a popular installation in Singapore as a cooling system. Sometimes, the ceiling fans will stop working, or the wind generated by the fans are not very strong. Its weakening power is a strong sign that the ceiling fan will fail soon, and it is time to call for a repair and inspection. Let your electrical inspection be done by an experienced electrician in Singapore today!



    Refrigerators are the main method via which Singaporeans store and preserve their food. Refrigerators are expected to run 24 hours a day without maintenance and hence, it makes them very vulnerable to electrical faults. Potentially, the wires may fail or parts in the fridge can be overworked. If food is spoiling faster than usual or the fridge is evidently not cold, it may be a sign that your fridge needs maintenance. Refrigerators are huge machines which require huge care to handle, and it is best to leave it to licensed electrical workers.



    If the lights are weak or spoilt, your productivity at night is heavily affected. Without the ability to see, it becomes a huge inconvenience. However, such problems can be solved quickly either via the replacement of the light parts or the light bulb itself, which can be hard to figure out. Even so, the problem is not that easily solved all the time, and it could be an underlying wiring issue or a power problem. As it could easily get dangerous, it is best to leave this to the professional electrical services in Singapore.



    As the main source of entertainment for families, the television can sometimes malfunction. Even in the age of the internet, families use the television for accurate local news that sometimes only exist on cable. Televisions are complex machines and it would be safest for families not to touch or change the wires themselves. Doing so without proper protection could pose a safety hazard to your family. Drop a call to SOServices today!


    Electrical Switch

    A malfunctioning switch is not only a safety hazard, but it is also a drain on your electricity bills. Firstly, if the switch is not working, it could be an issue with the wire within the switch, so it is recommended that homeowners or property owners do not DIY this without proper equipment. SOServices has fixed different kinds of switches and is one of the most efficient in electrical services, while being an affordable electrician service in Singapore. Let us know of the switch issue to remedy today.


    Power Outlets

    A power outlet that shorts the whole house frequently is a sure sign of a serious issue in the wiring across the house. If you are facing an issue with a power outlet, our suggestion is to avoid the use of it completely and call experienced electrical workers right away.

    Why SOServices?

    Proper, experienced troubleshooting

    As in all electrical issues, the first reaction you should have is to call trusted and reliable electrical repair services in Singapore. The troubleshooting process that we go through involve thorough testing of the faulty equipment to find out what the fault was. Once we have isolated the fault, we go about replacing or repairing the electrical appliance. Via this troubleshooting method, SOServices can isolate the issue and determine whether it is minor or major. As an experienced electrical troubleshooting service, we have amassed experience in finding the causes of electrical faults.

    Top Quality After service

    During the electrical repair itself, our electricians will give out advice based on our diagnosis and tests on your electrical appliance. Even after it is fixed, SOServices has a workmanship guarantee for the maintained quality of the fixed electrical appliance. We will come back for you if you may have other concerns or seem to have other electrical faults that need examining.


    Your long-term maintenance partner

    We have had a client return rate of over 90%. As one of the most trusted electrician services in Singapore, our results show in our work. Hence, when we serve our clients, we want to be the one-stop maintenance solution for the population in Singapore. Our company aims to provide affordable maintenance services without sacrificing quality, and our methodology has made this company vision possible thus far.