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    What’s the reason for my power failure?

    Electrical Switch Problems

    If your switch isn’t working properly, it is highly possible that the electrical switch is bypassed. This adds significantly to the electrical load on the property and circuit breaker. Hence, if the electrical switch is not functional, your threshold for circuit breaker trips is going to be rather low. If you are experiencing circuit breaker trips even with very little electrical equipment being in use, this could be the source of your problem. Let the experienced electricians diagnose your power trips today.

    Electrical overload of power sockets

    One thing that may not be an electrical fault is that your property simply consumes too much electricity. Have a look at what is active in your homes and offices today and you may notice that there are a lot of electrical components that are running at the same time. You may consider switching to energy saving alternatives, such as the appliances with Green Energy Saving ticks.

    Circuit Breaker issue

    If your number of electrical appliances are low and do not consume much electricity, then perhaps your circuit breaker is the issue in the property. If your circuit breaker is faulty, then it is possible that it trips the circuit at a much lower voltage than expected. If this is the case, you should employ an experienced handyman in Singapore to help diagnose the issue.

    Faulty Wires

    If your property is constantly getting power trips, your wiring could be the issue. If your wiring is drawing too much current, the wiring’s insulation could be compromised. For wires that are not properly insulated, it is best to contact a licensed electrical worker in Singapore to assist you, as the live wires are dangerous if handled without proper insulating equipment.

    What we’ll help you look at


    Electrical Switch

    First thing we look at are the individual electrical switches in your houses. Given that the problematic switch could be anywhere around the house, we will test each switch individually to find out if it is the source of the problem.


    Circuit Breaker

    The circuit breaker may be the one at fault as it could have faulty connections. While it is possible to keep resetting the circuit breaker, it is an inconvenience to have a circuit breaker that is not working correctly. It is therefore important to check if the circuit breaker is functioning correctly and should be replaced immediately as a safety hazard if it is found faulty.



    Another possible fault could be in the wiring of the house. If the wires are not insulated or connected properly, the current in the wires could end up being multiplied. This could be main reason why frayed wires or old wires could become a problem and start tripping your circuit breakers often.

    What you can do when you encounter a power trip

    Check the circuit breaker

    As the circuit breaker holds all the switches to the power outlets, you can check which switch has been deactivated. Then you may go ahead to locate the power outlet that corresponds to this deactivated switch. This is the power outlet system that has an issue. You are now in knowledge of which power outlet is the offending one.

    Turn the power socket off

    As explained earlier, one of the main reasons for a power trip is an electrical overload. By inspecting the power outlet, you are able to find out if an electrical overload was causing the issue. If the electrical appliance originally connected to the power outlet was removed and the switched turned off, the circuit breaker should not trip again. For safety reasons, if you are unsure about whether there has been an overload there, do not use the power outlet in question or call an expert in power trip in Singapore.


    Drop us a call to solve your problems

    If you feel that something is wrong with the power outlet due to something simple being connected usually at that power outlet, you are usually right. For your safety, please do not use the power outlet for the time being and call in professional electricians. SOServices has trained electricians in Singapore, and are ready to solve your electrical problems.