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    Sink Leak Plumbing Services


    Reasons for Leaking Sinks


    Drain Leak

    A sink leak can be caused by the drain. To avoid more leaks, a drain is typically sealed with putty but the application may be too thin or may dry out as time goes by. In some cases, the leak may be due to an old or damaged drain which can hardly be repaired. Therefore, it is better to call a plumber and completely replace your drain.


    Faucet Leak

    A leak coming from the faucet is always easy to find. It is commonly indicated by a small pool of water on the sink when the faucet is opened. In other cases, a faucet leak may run under the sink, making it impossible for you to see it until you look underneath your counter.


    Loose Waterline Connection

    If the leak under the kitchen sink keeps coming back, the water supply line of your sink may be the cause. In general, a sink in the kitchen is composed of two waterline connections but those sinks with a separate sprayer may have three. Each of these waterline connections can cause a sink leak.

    P-trap Clog

    The p-trap is the curved part of pipes, generally located underneath the kitchen sink. The primary purpose of a p-trap is for keeping foul odors from releasing through the drain into your home. Since it is typically installed out of sight, it is not easy to spot a leak immediately.

    O-ring Damage

    The faucet handle is held in place by a stem screw, which has a tiny disc attached to it called an O-ring. A sink leak commonly happens at this portion. This O-ring can become loose or damaged from regular use, creating a leak at the handle of your faucet.

    Deteriorated Washers

    A deteriorated washer is one of the most common reasons for a sink leak. Every time you use your faucet, this washer is pushed against its valve seat. This continuous friction leads to the deterioration of the washer, resulting in gradual leaking around the tube. A worn-out washer is usually experienced with a compression faucet.

    How to Fix Leaking Sinks

    Fixing a Drain Leak

    To determine the source of the sink leak, plug the sink with a drain cover, then fill it with water and unplug it. Use a flashlight to look around under the kitchen sink and spot the source of your problem. You can sometimes solve the problem by just tightening the nuts at the intersection of pipes. Another way of DIY plumbing leak repair under the sink is by removing the drain, applying a plumber's putty again, and then reconnecting the drain.

    Repairing Faucet Leak

    In most cases, a faucet leak is due to deteriorated gaskets or washers. Replacing them is all you have to do. There are also occasions where a bad faucet leak will need you to replace the whole faucet, though this is not a difficult do-it-yourself task to do. You may want to leave it to a trusted sink plumbing company in Singapore.

    Tightening Waterline Connections

    Because the pipe connections are usually not exposed, the leak may be left unnoticed until it has released a significant volume of water inside the base cabinet. A worn-out gasket in the fitting or the corrosion of a component can be the cause of a water line leak. Replacing the gasket is usually the plumbing leak repair under the sink in this case. In other cases, you only have to tighten the connection.

    Unclogging a P-trap

    Oil, grease, fat and tiny food pieces can accumulate at the p-trap over time. This will prevent water from draining well and then cause a drain leak problem. If the kitchen sink has metallic parts, corrosion can cause a p-trap clog. In this case, a complete replacement of p-trap may be necessary.

    Bad Effects of Leaking Sinks


    Health Hazards

    A sink leak can cause mildew, mold, and other material damage which can harm your own and your family's health. They can grow under your sink, inside the cabinet where you store some kitchenware or food items. Mold can cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions. Furthermore, stagnant water tends to allow for the breeding of bacteria and insects in your home.


    High Water Consumption

    A leaky pipe or faucet can cause wastage of a large volume of water. As simple as calling a professional plumber in Singapore to fix the leaky fixture for good can help you save water. Aside from the kitchen, you also need to conserve water in the toilet, laundry, bath and shower, and garden.


    Further Home Damage

    An unnoticed leak in your sink can add stress to your household plumbing, leading to water overflows and drain clogs. Sink leak damage, in other cases, can get much worse and cause stubborn water stains due to the pooling minerals in the bowl. These stains can be impossible to remove and might require you to buy a new kitchen sink.



    One of the good old remedies that may have been taught to you by your parents. There is actually a scientific explanation to how this works. The mixture can be strongly alkali or acidic that will in turn melt or react with the foreign objects that sit in your sink drainage. Once the foreign object is reacted away, it is then able to clear the way out for the sink to drain properly. Once your homemade chemical mixture clears the sink choke, you are in the clear. However, be careful of damaging your pipes with a mix of chemicals that are not properly handled. Leave it to the reliable plumbing services for your best option to clear your clogged sink.


    Chemicals and plunger

    Another common way that you may have seen is to use stronger chemicals to let sit in the clogged sink, and then using a plunger to push out the offending substance or object. The strong chemicals work due to the same principles as the vinegar and baking soda, by having the chemical potency to react away or at least soften the object that is choking the sink. By doing so, it allows the suction from the plunger to do its work easily – a plunger is able to clear a choke when the stuck object is loosened or reduced in size. However, chemicals used without focus will potentially damage the drainage system. It is not recommended to use chemicals without proper plumbing knowledge.


    Plumbing Snake

    A plumbing snake is one of the trademark tools of a professional plumber in Singapore. What it does is that it goes directly to the source of the clog and pumps out the stuck object with high pressure. However, without any idea of which point of the drainage the blockage is, plumbers may have to push and pull the plumbing tool into the drainage system with a substantial amount of force. Only when the tool has reached the site of the sink choke, can the plumber press the trigger on the plumbing snake and pump out the foreign object. This is the most direct way of solving the problem.

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