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    Why Sinks may need repair services


    Broken Garbage Disposal

    If your sink in the kitchen is clogging, a broken or malfunctioning garbage disposal may be the reason. You can try and fix it simply by pressing the red button located under the disposal. However, there might be something bigger at play, thus you may consider seeking the help of a professional plumber who will get to the root of your problem.


    Clogged Drain

    Laundry, bathroom, and kitchen sinks are susceptible to clogging and other sewage issues because they are exposed to a variety of debris. Grease, fat, and oil are the common culprits of sink clog. You can unclog the drain in several ways like using chemical agents for example. An expert may also conduct hydro jet sessions for your sink to solve your problem. But you can also use a plunger to manually unclog the drain or a drain cleaner in loosening these clogging debris.


    Leaky Faucet

    A leaky faucet is one of the reasons why your kitchen is malfunctioning. This problem usually goes unnoticed and their effect can be misdiagnosed with some other issue. How can you determine a leak in your faucet? You can check the aerator for any accumulation of sediments by simply unscrewing it. In case you need help identifying or resolving this problem, then give a faucet professional a call today.

    What We Fix in Sinks


    Leaky Sink Drain Repair

    A leaky trap underneath your sink in the kitchen can cause mildew and mold. The moisture under your sink can damage the cabinet and its contents over time. Since leaks commonly happen at joints, fitting compounds and joint fillers are widely available in hardware stores. However, these products only repair the leak temporarily. You may need a permanent fix such as the replacement of pipe or fittings. Our team of plumbing experts at SOServices in Singapore is ready to give you this long-term solution. Call or email us for a quick sink repair service.


    Kitchen Sink Unclogging

    A kitchen sink clog is commonly encountered by many households in Singapore. A clog becomes noticeable when your sink is releasing an odor, slowly draining or never draining at all. This is commonly caused by grease, fat, and oil. As this residue accumulates over time, it causes a restriction to water flow through the drain. This problem must be addressed as soon as possible to prevent a blockage from building up, which can result in the bursting of pipes. As the leading plumbing service provider in Singapore, SOServices will help you with your sink clog for a very affordable price. Contact us today.


    Low Water Pressure Troubleshooting

    Your sink in the kitchen can be more useful if the water pressure is high. The strong discharge of water from the faucet helps remove debris and dirt from food items, kitchenware, and your hands effectively. Low water pressure may be caused by the clogging of mineral deposits in the faucet's aerator. A leak in the water main can also lead to this problem. Furthermore, the waterline pipe running from the road to your house can be damaged by external pressure from a heavy object, the roots of a tree, or a simple clog inside the pipe. SOServices has troubleshot many low water pressure problems in Singapore. Avail of our quality sink repair service today.


    Dripping Faucet Solution

    Unless your bedroom is adjacent to the kitchen, a leaky faucet may not seem to be an emergency case but it can drive your water bills significantly higher. If the faucet is already tightened yet nothing changed, you may need to either repair cracks in your faucet or probably replace it with a new one. If the leak comes from around your faucet’s base, try replacing the O-ring seal, especially if your sink or faucet is older. If a DIY repair fails or you are uncomfortable fixing it on your own, we recommend that you contact SOServices right away.


    Damaged Sink Replacement

    A leaking, stained, or cracked sink is a common problem in plumbing that might require professional help. We can repair and install any kind of sink made from almost all materials such as stainless steel, ceramic, porcelain, and others. Whether it is an entire sink repair or you just want an updated look, our plumbing service personnel at SOServices can handle the work efficiently from start to finish.


    P-Trap Cleaning

    The P-trap of your sink is the curved pipe located under it in your kitchen. Unfortunately, the water-trapping capacity of the p-trap extends to grease, soap scum, hair, and debris, making it the primary location of the sink clog within the sewer system. The drainage in your sink will become slow even if the p-trap is just slightly clogged, so have it cleaned by SOServices to prevent a full-blown blockage.


    Sink Accessories Installation

    The sink alone cannot serve its purpose without the necessary accessories such as waste and drain fittings, faucets, and other installation hardware. These accessories will help you do things better, get things cleaner, and work more effectively in the kitchen as they surely add convenience and functionality. If you cannot find yourself installing these pieces for your sink, SOServices is your best plumbing service buddy.

    What Is Special About SOServices Sink Repair


    Communicative Staff

    SOServices plumbers are equipped with a whole set of plumbing equipment designed to deal with plumbing issues right from the root. Hence, SOServices plumbers are well-known for their service quality. They are able to use strong technology to solve plumbing issues with high efficiency. This saves not just your time, and your money as well, since sink clogs can be solved in the blink of an eye.

    Quality Workmanship

    In the industry of plumbing, it is our reputation that either makes or breaks us. As the top-rated plumbing company in Singapore we are committed to employing only qualified plumbers with the necessary hands-on knowledge and skills to get everything right. We take our sink repair and other plumbing services in Singapore very seriously and the quality of our workmanship is our utmost priority.

    Quick Response

    Handling a job quickly and without any delay is what our customers know us for. We will visit the site anywhere in Singapore and complete the quotations on the same day as per the customer’s request. We understand the importance of your sink in your daily life, so we are committed to providing you a quick and high-quality sink clog removal service. Sink plumbing services especially, have to be dealt with quickly before it causes more damage to your property.