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    Plumbing Services for Sinks


    What types of sinks we deal with

    Top mount sink

    This is one of the most common sink types in Singapore, where the sink is placed and installed from above the countertop. Hence, installing and replacement of top mount sinks in Singapore are one of the easiest and cheapest plumbing services, because of the sinks’ simple and direct design. However, because the side of the sinks are exposed to air and food, it is one of the easiest designs to get dirty quickly.

    Bottom mount sink

    The bottom mount sink is another type of sink usually installed in posh homes in Singapore. The bottom mount sink is slightly more expensive, due to its design usually being more elegant. In addition, its design saves space for you, as it covers less of top of your countertop since it is fitted from the bottom. Hence, it is no wonder that is one of the more expensive options around.

    Integrated sink

    The integrated sinks are designed to look similar to your countertop or structure, such that your whole unit, from the ground up to the sink, look like they are made from exactly the same material so that it appears in the most elegant fashion. Else, the whole countertop and sink are, as the name mentions, integrated. Hence, if you have gotten this sink for your property, the minimalist design is one of the simplest, yet appealing. This is, however, tricky to install on your own.

    Farmhouse sink

    The farmhouse sink is one of the most space efficient setup for a sink in Singapore. If you are looking for a generally rustic touch to your property, perhaps this is the type of sink you picked for your household. While the farmhouse sink can contain a huge amount of water, the material it is made of, usually porcelain, causes it to get chipped or damaged very easily. Even so, each farmhouse sink has a different installing method, and therefore requires experienced plumbing contractors to come in for your needs.

    SOServices Sink plumbing services


    Unclog your sink

    Are your kitchen sinks and bathroom sink not draining properly? SOServices can help with your sink choke issues. Usually when there is a mass of foreign objects, such as food or dirt within the sinks, it can result in the sink drainage being choked with objects. Water cannot flow, that is what is causing your clogging issue. Reach out to the #1 trusted plumbing service in Singapore for a solution.


    Leaking Sink

    The water from a leaking sink, if left alone for a long time will cause damage to the furniture and countertops. Hence, it is important to fix the leak fast and efficiently. Usually, the problem lies with the sink putty coming loose, or a worn-out inner sink part. Let us inspect your sink and tell you the root cause of your leakage issue.

    Sink repairs and replacement

    As explained in our introduction, some sinks chip easily, or have parts that wear out very quickly due to constant exposure to water, air and strong detergent. All sinks have a shelf life, and our plumbers will advise you accordingly should there be an issue with the repair work. Our professional plumbers are equipped with a store of spare parts to solve your sink repair issues on the spot.

    Sink Installation

    As an experienced sink installation plumbing service, our plumbers have installed a whole range of sinks and its relevant types. From the cheapest stainless-steel sinks to the expensive marble sinks, our plumbers have had to deal with the most difficult of toilet sink installations and kitchen sink installations in Singapore. Trust us to solve your plumbing issue today and drop us a call!

    Why SOServices for your sink plumbing issues?


    Vast experience with all types of sinks

    SOServices plumbers have had the privilege to serve serviced apartments and corporate clients in Singapore as their dedicated plumbing service provider. By extending this experience to the rest of Singapore, clients can expect the premium plumbing services to be provided. Clients can rest assured of a high service quality.

    Follow-up Services guarantee

    In case of another malfunction with another appliance or the same sink, call SOServices and we will come rushing right back to you. As a concerned client, SOServices plumbers will ensure that all required follow-up plumbing inspections will be done, so that your sink and other plumbing appliances can work for the longest time.


    Affordable sink plumbing service

    Even if we are one of the high-quality plumbing companies in Singapore, SOServices promises never to overcharge a client. We are transparent on our costs and service fees and will never charge an unreasonable markup fee. We understand that emergency plumbing services are to be provided at a quick basis, but it should never come at an overly huge monetary expense for anyone in Singapore. We stick to this belief and execute 24/7 plumbing services at a reasonable, and cheap price.