Reasons Why My Aircon is Leaking

An air conditioner is an absolute necessity in a tropical country like Singapore, especially during summer. We do not opt for aircon servicing or maintenance, as long as the system works smoothly. This can lead to a malfunction in the unit’s parts, leaking water as the most common issue. Let us discuss some common reasons why my aircon is leaking and how to fix them.

Common Problems Resulting in Aircon Leakage


Water dripping through the main unit indicates that it is not functioning, leading to your air conditioner leaking water. Several reasons could be behind the occurrence of this problem. Let’s look at a few of them:

Damaged Drain Pan – If your air conditioner is old, chances are the drain pan collecting the condensate has already become rusted or damaged. In this case, water will not be collected and instead, it will leak through your main unit.

Clogged Drain Pipe – Debris and dirt can clog the drainpipe of an air conditioner. This will prevent the condensate from flowing out through its drainage system. Water will overflow to your main air conditioning unit if it cannot flow outwards. As a result, your AC will leak water. It is therefore important to clean the unit regularly. The easier way is by calling SOServices to maintain your air conditioner in Singapore. Asking yourself, why is my aircon leaking? Our team has the answers.

Low Refrigerant – When the refrigerant, more popularly referred to as the aircon gas, leaks, the pressure inside your air conditioning unit will become lower. This freezes the AC evaporator coils, resulting in an overflow of water in its drainage pan.

Air Filter Dirt – The air flowing in an air conditioner can begrime the filters. This can obstruct the airflow across the evaporator coils, causing the coils’ temperature to drop to a freezing point. In this case, rather than moisture, ice starts forming on the coils and dripping extra amounts of water into the drainage pan. When the pan is no longer capable to hold the excess water, water leaks through the main unit. Monthly air conditioner cleaning prevents the buildup of debris and dust. A troubleshooting guide can help you repair these minor problems. Another smart thing to do is call in the experts from SOServices to maintain and service your AC.

Improper Installation – If your air conditioner has been installed recently and is already leaking, a faulty installation will be the most probable answer to your question – why is my aircon leaking? In other words, the air conditioner and the drain pipes alike are not proportional. This issue will disrupt the flow of water from the drain pan to the outlet. If the water cannot stream, it may be either standing at the same level or flowing backward. During an AC installation, the pipe should be at a height lower than the main unit to let the water run downwards to the drain outlet. Air conditioner installation services in Singapore are available at SOServices.


Can Aircon Leakage Be Repaired?

Now that you have the answers to your question – why is my aircon leaking? – you might be wondering how to repair your AC. This depends largely on the severity of the existing damage. Though you can solve most of the problems on your own, many other causes of the leakage can only be fixed by a professional technician.


How to Repair Common AC Leakage Problems?


Replace the Drainage Pan – If the drainage pan is damaged or broken, have it replaced the soonest possible.

Unclog the Drainage Pipe – If you encounter a blocked drain pipe, completely suck out the blockage using a dry or wet pump. This will release the clog and permit the water to smoothly drain.

Clean the Air Filter – The air conditioner filter should be regularly cleaned. After a month or any short interval, you should take the filter out and clean it thoroughly under running water. This solution will stop you from asking: why is my aircon leaking?

Re-install the Air Conditioner – If you determine that the leaking issue is caused by a wrong or bad AC installation procedure, you should immediately contact a technician from SOServices who will carefully inspect the unit and re-install it if necessary.


DIY Repair Vs Professional Troubleshooting

Seeking services from an expert is always a wise choice. It will help you save money, time, and effort. A professional technician will assess the issue properly and give the most appropriate solution. SOServices provides a unique platform online for you to get in touch with experienced and qualified air conditioner servicemen, who will answer your question – why is my aircon leaking? – and provide you with reliable and quick solutions.