When Does Aircon Need Chemical Wash

When Does Aircon Need Chemical Wash Guide

Regular maintenance of an air conditioner is essential for ensuring its longevity. Properly cleaning your aircon is a way of maintaining it better, though regular servicing may sometimes be insufficient. It helps remove the dirt from the unit but may not be so effective in eliminating the gunk buildup in your aircon’s filter, condenser, and evaporator coil. In addition, incorrect cleaning procedures may severely damage internal parts. This is when an aircon does need a chemical wash.


What is an Aircon Chemical Wash?

A chemical wash refers to a process in which a technician disassembles all the internal parts of the air conditioner such as the condenser, filter, compressor, and others, and soaks them in an aircon chemical wash solution. The technician will also flush the internal pipes with the solution. Doing this helps get rid of stubborn acids and debris from the aircon parts.

How Often Should Aircon Get Chemical Wash?

If your air conditioner does not blow cool air or it takes a long time to cool down your room even with a clear air duct, an aircon technician may recommend an AC chemical wash. A chemical wash for your unit is an important service. Standard cleaning may remove some dust and dirt particles, but there is plenty of toxic gunk building up in the filet, condenser, and evaporator coil as time goes by.
Toxic gunk is difficult to remove and could eat away and severely damage the internal parts of your unit, impacting the performance and efficiency of the aircon. Therefore, it is a wise decision to opt for an aircon chemical wash at least once in six months.

When Does Aircon Need Chemical Wash?

Your aircon needs chemical cleaning when the following symptoms are noticed:

  • The air conditioning unit takes longer than usual to cool your room.
  • The air conditioning unit is very noisy when turned on.
  • A foul odor is released by the internal parts.

Benefits of Aircon Chemical Wash


1. Enhances Quality of Air

Particles such as dirt and dust collecting in your aircon can be hazardous to your health. People with allergies or asthma are at high risk of these hazards. When performing AC chemical wash, a technician will remove all the grime and dirt that accumulate in the unit. This will clear out components like the air filters and permit clean air to circulate throughout your house, keeping your occupants healthy.

2. Prolongs the Lifespan of Your Unit

An aircon chemical wash is a complete overhaul of the unit. In this process, the technician will clean the unit, examine every single component, and inform you of the parts that need to be repaired or replaced. A regular AC upkeep must keep the unit good as new.

3. Improves Your Aircon’s Energy Efficiency

Because of dirt accumulation, your air conditioner will have difficulty cycling the air across the components. It will make the aircon run twice as hard, increasing your electricity bill. Getting you’re AC chemically cleaned will remove the accumulation and get the unit working smoothly once more, causing it to consume less electricity to work.

4. Prevents Freezing of Components

An air conditioner chemical wash gets rid of dirt and prevents parts from freezing. Some parts are especially prone to freezing, particularly if cooling elements such as the refrigerant are not properly maintained. These frozen parts can cause the entire aircon to break down and need a replacement. Cleaning out the aircon ensures clarity of pipes and coils so that they do not get frozen.

5. Eliminates Foul Smell

If your unit is emanating a foul smell, this is perhaps due to a buildup of mildew and mold in it. If you notice that the air in your AC starts smelling, it is the clearest indication that your unit needs chemical cleaning. This procedure does not only eliminate the stink but also prevents future problems of bacterial accumulation from recurring.


Difference Between Chemical Wash and Chemical Overhaul

The main difference between a chemical wash and chemical overhaul is that in a chemical overhaul, a technician will dismantle the whole fan coil unit and remove the motherboard from the evaporator coil. In a chemical wash, he will only remove the fan coil cover to wash the evaporator coil. Also, he will use the maximum pressure of water in a chemical overhaul. In addition, the back tray part of an AC can be accessed only by an overhaul.


How to Chemical Wash an Aircon?

When giving your aircon chemical cleaning, you must first and foremost remove the fan coil from its wall. It must then be cleaned with a suitable aircon cleaning chemical prescribed by a professional and rinse with clean water so that you will remove the chemical from it and protect the coil against corrosion in the future because of a chemical reaction.

Then you must also clean the fan blades and blower wheel of your unit using the recommended chemical. After you clean the fan, grease its bearings to make it more functional. Next, you need to clean the inner air filter and then flush the drainage pipes with a chemical. Apart from cleaning the parts, inspect the pressure of your cooling gas within the condenser to guarantee its efficient performance.


Wrapping Up

When selecting a company that will clean your aircon, always keep in mind that a great HVAC service company will not stop at chemical cleaning. A technician must execute basic maintenance, look for parts that need replacing or a major repair, and address any issues about your AC that you bring up.
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