Where to Buy Aircon in Singapore?

Where to Buy Aircon in Singapore Buyers Guide

Air conditioners nowadays are no longer a luxury but a necessity, considering the skyrocketing temperatures especially during summer. Even before the hot season begins, we already experience the scorching heat. This article will serve as your guide on where to buy an aircon in Singapore and what factors to consider when buying one.


Agents and Distributors

Most people wrongly believe that aircon agents and distributors are the best choices when buying an air conditioner because they provide for the wholesale market. In Singapore, these businesses are not the place to purchase an aircon as their products are more expensive than those of aircon companies. Since agents usually have no installation team, you will need to find an aircon company to install the unit for you for a service charge, leading to a higher overall cost. Additionally, when your air conditioner experiences problems, agents and distributors have a tendency to point fingers to the installers instead of shouldering their responsibility. You may also deal with higher replacement or repair costs in the future.


Aircon Companies

Aircon companies are the best place in terms of where to purchase an aircon in Singapore. But it is still difficult to decide due to a large number of aircon companies in the country’s market. The factors that you may consider when choosing a company are reliability, quality, and price. It is also a good idea to read consumer reviews online from past customers. Your friends can recommend brands to you as well based on their own experience. Aircon companies use premium installation materials and are more responsive to concerns than agents or distributors.


Electronic Shops

Big-scale electronic shops are by far the most popular place where people choose to buy an AC in Singapore. Popular names include Harvey Norman, Best Denki, Gain City, and many more. Several people flock to these stores because they are reputable and offer installment plans, with or without a credit card. This is a more manageable way of purchasing an aircon than full payment. Buying an aircon from an electronic shop also involves fixed costs such as labor and rental costs, with which buyers are charged in the form of a higher installation cost.


Factors to Consider When Buying an Air Conditioner in Singapore


Cost Efficiency

There are two costs that you need to take into consideration before purchasing an air conditioner – the cost of the unit itself and the operating cost of the unit. The operating cost is determined by the air conditioner’s cooling capacity, frequency and length of usage, and Energy Efficiency Ratio. A higher Energy Efficiency Ratio means lower energy consumption for air conditioners with equal cooling capacity.

Right Size

To know the right size of an air conditioner to buy, you need to consider the floor area of the room, the ceiling height of the room, the number and sizes of windows, whether the room is insulated or in between floors, the total number of usual occupants, and the total number of lights installed in the room. Give these pieces of information to an aircon specialist to determine the right size of the aircon that you need.

The Lowest Noise Levels

Noise usually ruins the cooling comfort provided by an air conditioner. Therefore, you should consider the noise produced by the unit when it is in use. Vibration and noise often come from the blower, the compressor, and the water produced at heat exchangers.

Type of Air Conditioner

Before walking into an appliance store in Singapore to buy an aircon, you should first decide on what type of unit fits your needs. Do you want a window-type, split-type, or centralized air conditioner? While window-type aircon units are the cheapest, they need a bit of work if there is no rectangular hole cut through your room’s wall. The split-type options are easy to install and look better at home, though they may be up to 30% more expensive than window-type ones.

Special Features

Different brands and models of air conditioners in Singapore have additional features, depending upon your requirements. Some units have an air direction control, a built-in ionizer, a remote control, or a timer. Many brands are now equipped with a feature that enables you to track, monitor, and manage the amount of energy consumed by your aircon in real-time. It also notifies you when you are nearing the energy consumption limit.


Advantages of Brand New AC over Secondhand AC

There are several advantages of buying a brand new air conditioner in Singapore and you must consider them when choosing between a brand new unit and a secondhand one.

Energy Efficiency

New air conditioners are equipped with energy optimization features designed for better consumption. It reduces the cost of electricity minimally impacts the environment.

Wi-Fi Control

New air conditioners feature a Wi-Fi control that enables us to program and control the unit from any location, making our lives much easier. Therefore, you will not have to worry about being unable to turn off the AC before leaving the house. You can also turn it on while on the way from work so you won’t have to come to an oven-like house.


Many people in Singapore including SOServices prefer a brand new AC to a used one because of the manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty is extremely useful when we detect any damage or failure in the unit and will make us feel more confident and secure with the purchase.

Spare Parts

Another factor that must be considered is that in terms of the availability of spare parts, it is usually easier to find ones for the latest aircon models. In other words, the older an AC model, the more difficult it will be to find spare parts of it.


The maintenance cost of old air conditioners is always higher than that of a new one. It includes the maintenance of old parts and the cost of repair, as well as the possible replacement of damaged components. Hence, it is safer to purchase new aircon to avoid unexpected high expenses.

Buying an air conditioner is one of the major investments you will make for your home. It is therefore important that you familiarize yourself first with the above-mentioned factors that should be taken into account before going to the nearest electronic shop. Don’t forget to ask about the availability of spare parts, branch locations, and warranty!

If you need help with aircon maintenance, you can always call SOServices any time for general aircon servicing in Singapore.