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    General aircon servicing

    • Aircon servicing includes a full washing and cleaning of the air conditioner filters

    • Checking discharge pressure, compressor suction and major electrical connections

    • There will be a complete inspection of the fan and internal systems.

    • We also service cassette and wall mounted types of air conditioners.

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    SOServices Aircon general service process

    Aircon Inspection Servicing

    Our general servicing for Air conditioners in Singapore always starts with the inspection of the aircon. We first check the mechanical parts of the aircon if there is anything malfunctioning with a series of tests on the filters and drainage pumps. Then, if there is a malfunction in one of the aircon parts, or if your aircon is not cold, we would advise you accordingly.

    Filter washing

    During AC servicing, our aircon servicemen will remove dust, mold and dirt from your aircon filters. This is the first step in aircon cleaning, and the air would always first encounter your filters. Hence, if your filter was the dirtiest, this would be the most likely reason that you would get sick or feel that there is a lot of dust around the house. We first thoroughly clean the filters which are most likely to be dirty.

    Internal vacuuming

    The internal parts of the aircon, such as the drainage pipes, condensers and evaporator coils, all may be dirty as well. However, these parts are not as easily accessible as the filters, which are right in front of the aircon. This reduces the dust that overall is hidden within the aircon, and helps prolong the time needed between services, saving your cost in the long run.

    Final chemical flushing

    As this is not a chemical overhaul, strong chemical is not used in such aircon servicing procedures. As a trusted aircon servicing contractor, we use chemicals that are weaker that do not leave odors in your room but is strong enough to dissolve algae and flush out dust that have been hardened from not being cleaned. Hence, our method is efficient and fast by clearing out residue dirt in one thorough flush.

    Brands that we’ve serviced

    Why do you need aircon servicing?

    Improves the efficiency of ventilation

    Without dust being trapped inside your aircon, your aircon has more capacity to take in air and convert it to cooler air. In Singapore, we understand that the need for an aircon is high due to the heaty summer weather. As an experienced aircon servicing company in Singapore, we usually produce a tailored plan for regular aircon servicing, so that you may avoid problems such as the aircon is not cold. Such problems are usually caused due to a lack of regular servicing and will work as good as new should the parts be cleanable or repairable.

    Longer Life Span of AC

    Dust, algae and dirt that accumulates on aircon parts do not just destroy the efficiency of your air conditioner, it also damages the parts that need to be connected together when in operation. People in Singapore usually keep their aircon running for a good part of the day, and when they do so, they risk damage to the parts if the aircon is not cleaned. By regularly servicing the aircon, SOServices ensures that the aircon is well oiled and runs smoothly. The dirtier the aircon gets, the more likely it is that it would get damaged.

    Lower Energy Consumption overall

    An aircon that is dirty consumes a lot of energy because its parts are not working together to its full efficiency. If you’re wondering why your electricity bill has been climbing recently, it may be because your aircon has not been serviced for a while, dust is accumulating, and dirt is starting to get in the way of your AC’s operation. Unblocking the drainage pipes will increase the aircon’s efficiency significantly, and general aircon servicing is an investment that would be well spent.

    SOS Aircon Servicing Singapore

    Here at SOServices, you can avail of complete professional aircon servicing such as repairs, cleaning, and maintenance. With our licensed and well-trained technicians, we can ensure that our aircon services are high-quality, fast, and efficient. We aim to be the most-trusted aircon servicing company in Singapore by providing the most efficient service to our valued customers.

    Affordable General Air Conditioner Servicing

    One of the most important things about maintaining your air conditioner is having it cleaned and inspected by the best aircon servicing professionals. Fortunately, we provide general aircon services that will help preserve quality aircon.

    A full-on general aircon servicing includes the following: cleaning and washing of your air conditioner’s filter, thorough brushing and flushing of the aircon’s fans, wiping and disinfecting of the water trays to ensure the eradication of the algae present, and a complete inspection of the fan and internal systems of the unit. Additionally, we also provide services for cassette and wall-mounted types of air conditioners.

    It is important to constantly have your air conditioning unit inspected and cleaned for its continuous optimal performance. Our general aircon servicing is reliable, meticulous, and cost-effective.

    Chemical Washing

    Some customers are satisfied with the regular washing and rinsing of their respective units and assume that nothing could go wrong. However, what about the dirt that cannot be seen easily—the ones that have wedged themselves in the innermost parts of your aircon?

    Chemical wash is a more in-depth type of aircon cleaning compared to general aircon servicing. Here, strong chemicals are used to fully disinfect the air conditioner’s air filters. To release dust and dirt build-up, the unit’s coils and fans will be washed chemically. Chemical flushing of internal parts will be conducted to remove both the smell and the hidden germs and algae. Also, we run full diagnostics and check on the air conditioner’s air output.

    General aircon servicing is good but chemical washing is the smarter choice if you want to guarantee that the very insides of your air conditioning unit are decontaminated.

    Why Is Chemical Washing Necessary?


    Deep Cleaning

    While general servicing is sufficient to keep the air that you breathe clean, there is a possibility of an internal buildup of harder dirt materials and even bacteria. Just because the air is clean does not necessarily mean that the aircon’s interiors are. The aircon might function well and appear as if it is problem-free on the outside, but a thorough checkup of its interior will let you know if it has dirt or bacteria inside which might negatively affect its performance in the long run.


    Longer Aircon Efficiency

    While air conditioners are self-sufficient machines, there are larger chances for it to run smoothly for a longer period of time if it is consistently clean inside and out. Some aircon problems are caused by the dirt that builds up in its internal parts. Chemical washing makes it possible to fully disinfect the air conditioner's air filters, thus, increasing its lifespan. This way, you can avoid encountering problems with your unit and having to purchase a new one if it reaches the limit.


    Removal of Smell And Bacteria

    Sometimes, aircon units might emit an odor which is probably caused by the algae and bacteria that gathered deep within the aircon's interior including its drainage pipe. These microorganisms do not just disappear from regular rinsing or washing, which is why general aircon servicing might not suffice. To completely remove the germs and the odors—that may also harm your health—it would be ideal to avail the chemical wash services around once or twice a year.

    Aircon Chemical Wash Process

    Disassembling The Air Conditioner

    The first step of the aircon chemical wash process is to break down the unit. This will enable the service provider to check and clean the air conditioner part by part. Without disassembling it, some parts might be overlooked. Our technicians are trained and equipped with enough knowledge of the different kinds of air conditioning units so they are very much capable of handling them. There are window air conditioners, split type air conditioners, portable air conditioners, and many more—all of which our aircon technicians are familiar dealing with.

    air-conditioner (3)

    Wipedown And Damage Check

    After disassembling the parts of the aircon, the technician will carefully inspect each part to see if there is any sign of damage or malfunction. Chemical washing is not just centered on the cleaning but also the overall assessment of the unit. This will serve as a checkup of your air conditioning unit which should be done annually in order to maintain its good status and prevent any problem from occurring. After the chemical cleaning, the aircon will be rinsed thoroughly to remove any odors that may linger.

    Oiling For Smooth Operations

    When the chemical cleaning is done the aircon, most particularly the compressor, will be lubricated using a special oil for the smooth sailing operation of its parts. The purpose of the lubricant is to prevent the aircon parts from rubbing against each other which will eventually lead to damage. This is necessary even if the air conditioning unit was just treated and cleaned. Furthermore, the lubrication process also stops the possibility of noise during its fan operation which is beneficial for the owner. Having a noisy air conditioner will make it hard to sleep or relax.

    air-conditioner (3)

    Reassemble and Reinstallation

    The last part of the process is when our technicians assemble the parts of the air conditioning unit and check if it is running smoothly. By this time, the air conditioner should be functioning better than before—the air that is being produced by the fan should be cooler and faster and there should be no lingering odor. The customer should feel that the aircon is seemingly brand new which only proves the indication that conducting proper maintenance and cleaning of your air conditioning unit will save you more money than buying a new one after the former has been damaged.

    Gas top-up

    Is your air conditioner not producing the cool air that it’s supposed to? One of the solutions to this kind of problem is Gas Top-Up. We provide gas top-up services that are highly efficient in fixing air conditioning units that are having a problem with its cooling ability.

    With this particular service, technicians will inspect and clean the aircon’s front panel and also clean its temperature output. The unit’s cooling coils will be flushed and washed and its drainage system will also be cleaned and chemically rinsed accordingly. The most important part is the replacement of the chemical coolant in the air conditioner which would enable it to produce the right kind of cold air again.

    The most important thing about our air conditioners is to produce cold air. That is why gas top-up is highly recommended for those who have a cooling problem.

    Types of Gases for Air Conditioners


    Among the many types of coolants used in aircon units, the R-410 and its R-410A variants are the newest ones. This substance, compared to its predecessors, has a high cooling efficiency that does not negatively affect the environment. It is environmental-friendly which is important since a lot of people, especially those residing in tropical ones like Singapore, use aircon every day to beat the heat. Furthermore, this is cheaper with the amount of gas required and its usage reduced. It is easy to handle, however, it is more advisable to seek help from a trustworthy aircon servicing company to supply this.

    air-conditioner (3)


    R-22 is known for being commonly used in the old units as a coolant in the compressor. Depending on your aircon unit, this is the gas that your unit requires a full top-up gas process. However, while it is a type of Freon gas, it is also a type of hydrofluorocarbon that can cause potential damage to the world's ozone layer. This is the gas that is beginning to be phased out even in Singapore since the industry is heading towards more environmentally friendly alternatives. Although comfort is very important for every person, the environment is still an important factor to consider by aircon servicing companies.


    The R-32 is a type of difluoromethane that was developed and designed long ago. This is a widely used gas in many air conditioning systems in Singapore because of its ability to demonstrate relatively high efficiency in air conditioner cooling. This gas is frequently used in Daikin models, which if you have, you can trust us to handle it efficiently with our gas top-up services. The best thing about gas top-up is enabling your aircon unit to produce cold air again, and this gas does the job perfectly.

    air-conditioner (3)


    The R-134 is also considered to be one of the commonly used gas types. This is the type of refrigerant that is used in older aircon models but it requires much higher pressure and is more difficult to handle, thus needing the services of experienced aircon maintenance contractors. With SOServices, our expertise can make us handle any type of difficult substances such as this.

    The Gas Top-Up Process

    Checking The Pressure

    The first step of the gas top-up process is when the technicians check the pressure inside of the air conditioning unit using a measuring gauge. This is to determine if whether or not the refrigerant inside the aircon has a problem. If the pressure is low, it means that there is insufficient refrigerant inside the aircon unit. One of the clear indications of this is when the aircon is not working as well as it used to. The refrigerant is very important because it allows the aircon to release cool air. This problem demands the chemical coolant be replaced or refilled.

    Charging Up The Gas Tank

    As a credible and professional aircon servicing company in Singapore, we store our gas in a specialized gas tank to prevent leaks and damage to the aircon’s refrigerant. Once the refrigerant is pumped into the gas tank, our technicians will once again measure the pressure inside the air conditioning unit using a measuring gauge to make sure that they have successfully inserted the refrigerant into the aircon unit.

    Final Checks For Maintenance

    It is important to conduct a final inspection on the aircon unit after it has been treated in order not to overlook any possible damage. Here at SOServices, we always do maintenance checks after a gas top-up service to make sure that the aircon has no other existing problem. If we do happen to catch one, we can easily recommend a solution for our valued customers and fix it right away to avoid further damages on the unit and costly bills. Final checking is very important because it can save you some valuable time and keep you away from further stress due to malfunctioning aircon units.

    Why Are Gas Top-Ups Important?

    An aircon will not be able to serve its purpose if it is not giving out the cooling effect that it is supposed to. Whenever you encounter problems with your aircon’s cooling ability, the gas top-up is one of the most probable solutions. SOServices offers excellent service when it comes to gas top-up which will guarantee that your aircon unit will be fixed and functional in no time.


    Maintain Aircon Functionality

    Having a regular gas top-up service conducted on your air conditioner helps it function efficiently for a longer period of time. The refrigerant is the very thing that absorbs the heat from the room then carries it away to release it somewhere else. A healthy refrigerant level keeps an aircon working, which is what most of the people residing in Singapore needs. The heat is inevitable so it is just as well that you keep your aircon units well-maintained and functional.


    Prevent Damage To Your Aircon

    Damages can happen to your aircon if the refrigerant tank is not being kept at the considered healthy level. Leaks may form in the aircon unit due to the differences in the pressure coming from the tanks and the atmosphere. Gas top-up is one of the best repair services that we offer. It will make it possible for the aircon's refrigerant and gas tank to be checked thoroughly by a technician so that if there are any problems it can be fixed on the spot. Do not be demotivated if you are worried about spending, because if your aircon unit encounters malfunctions in the future they will ultimately lead to more expensive bills.


    Increase Aircon Efficiency

    To ensure the efficiency of your aircon unit, the refrigerant should be good and functional. Without a healthy level of refrigerant inside the aircon, the cooling unit finds difficulty in utilizing the refrigerant without negatively affecting the system. With the right kind and amount of gas, the aircon will be able to cool the air better, easier, and faster, which will not lead to a high level of energy consumption. An efficient aircon preserves not only your savings but also the comfort that you need especially during the hot days in Singapore.

    Full Range of SOS Aircon Maintenance

    Here at SOServices, we provide one of the most reliable and effective aircon servicing in Singapore. We always make sure that our customers get the best kind of servicing and repair that they need for their respective aircon. Our full range of aircon maintenance includes all the necessary services that are required for the optimal functioning of aircon units. We have a cleaning service, repair service, and many other services that can be done to all types of aircon brands.

    Chemical Overhaul

    Chemical washing is an in-depth cleaning of your aircon, but chemical overhaul is even deeper and more thorough. This involves the chemical disinfection of the unit's filters wherein the aircon will be disassembled and chemically brushed. Furthermore, in order to clear all potential blockages and dirt residues, the unit's drainage pipings will also be washed chemically.

    Aircon Installation

    Looking to buy a new aircon but not sure how to install it? SOServices technicians provide great service including installation of any type or brand of aircon in Singapore. We work fast, quickly, and thoroughly which makes us the most efficient provider of the aircon servicing experience.

    Aircon Repair

    Air conditioning systems are reliable products of technology but not always perfect. They are bound to encounter some issues every once in a while, which means you need the best aircon servicing there is. We provide the finest aircon repair there is for our customers. Our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to handling aircon repairs and we ensure to get the job done right. With our repair services, expect your unit to be as good as new—maybe even better!

    Outdoor Unit Servicing

    There are types of aircon that have outdoor units such as the split type aircon. If you live in a flat or HDB in Singapore, you might worry about how to get a contractor to clean or even check the outdoor units of your aircon. Fortunately, SOServices is complete with the necessary safety equipment to provide the full services for your aircon systems. So whether your outdoor unit is outside the building window or behind your house, our technicians are prepared to handle it with ease and caution.


    How often should aircon be serviced?

    Servicing of the aircon unit is really important, especially if you want it to perform optimally and efficiently in the long run. The frequency of the aircon service depends on how many times you use it in a year; if you use it every single day in a year then have it serviced at least three times. If you seldom use it, maybe particularly only during the summer which is the hottest time of the year, then you can have it serviced once a year.

    Can air conditioners be used without servicing?

    If you want your air conditioners to run smoothly for a long time, it is highly recommended that you have it cleaned and inspected by an aircon servicing company from time to time. Being negligent of your air conditioning units will possibly cause more expenses on your side for the repairs if it is not being maintained well.

    What does aircon servicing include?

    Our aircon servicing include the following:

    • General Aircon Servicing is the regular cleaning, disinfecting, and inspection of the aircon unit
    • Chemical Wash is the more in-depth cleaning and disinfecting of the aircon unit especially its internal parts
    • Gas Top-Up is the checking and replacement of the aircon unit’s refrigerant coolant

    With SOServices, you are guaranteed to be provided with excellent customer service by our friendly staff.

    How much is aircon servicing in Singapore?

    To some, aircon servicing might appear to be expensive. However, here at SOServices we provide cost-efficient aircon service that will make the investment worth it. We always make sure that our rates are proportional to the quality of services that we provide to our valued customers. Having services conducted to your aircon will even save you more money because it helps prevent any damages or malfunctions to the unit.

    To know how much aircon servicing costs, we have indicated our rates here on our webpage.