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    Affordable General Aircon Servicing

    • The aircon servicing including cleaning and washing of your ac filter, a full and thorough brushing of and flushing of your fans.

    • To ensure that it is clean, all algae within the water trays are wiped and disinfected.

    • There will be a complete inspection of the fan and internal systems.

    • We also service cassette and wall mounted types of air conditioners.

    No. of Units One Time Tri-Yearly Quarterly

    1 Fancoil


    2 Fancoils


    3 Fancoils


    4 Fancoils and above

    Less Than $18/unit!

    Chemical Washing

    • Using strong chemicals, there will be disinfection of the aircon air filters.

    • All coils and fans will be washed chemically to release dust and dirt build up.

    • If there is a smell, there is also chemical flushing of internal parts to remove hidden germs and algae.

    • We run full diagnostics and checks on the air output in your air conditioner.

    No. of Units One Time

    1 Fancoil


    2 Fancoils


    3 Fancoils and above

    Less Than $70/unit!

    Gas top-up

    • We clean and check the front panel of your air conditioner and check its temperature output.

    • The Air conditioner’s cooling coils are flushed and washed

    • The aircon’s drainage system is cleaned and washed chemically

    • Air-con’s refrigerant coolant is restocked and your aircon would work properly as if it is brand new.

    No. of Units One Time

    Per Fancoil

    From $80 per unit

    Full Range of SOS Aircon Maintenance

    Chemical Overhaul

    This is a deeper cleaning of your AC than the chemical wash. There will firstly be a chemical disinfection of filters, and the AC disassembled and chemically brushed. The drainage pipings are also washed chemically and brushed to clear all potential blockages and dirt residues.

    Aircon Repair

    Aircon not cold? Don’t worry, SOServices are here to solve any aircon issues in Singapore. Especially here, the perpetual summer climate makes it impossible to survive without a form of cooling equipment. If your aircon spoils, let us know and we’ll fix it for you!

    Aircon Installation

    Have a new and more powerful AC ready to use? Let SOServices aircon technicians know! We have contractor experience in installation any brands of aircons that you can find in Singapore, and we can provide you a seamless and perfect aircon installation experience. We are the most efficient AC servicing company you can find.

    Outdoor unit servicing

    Live in a flat or HDB in Singapore? SOServices has the safety equipment necessary to service your AC systems fully. Aircon maintenance must be done for the unit outside of the flat, be it behind your house, or outside the windows. For your air conditioner to be serviced fully, we have the best equipment for it to be done properly.

    Brands that we’ve serviced

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    have a lot to say…

    SOServices has one of the best service experiences to offer! Their aircon servicing was quick, effective, and solved my AC temperature problem easily. Would definitely recommend!
    Jemma Stone
    I called the technicians down nearly at about 9pm as my aircon suddenly did not work. They not only serviced my aircon, but they also gave it a good chemical wash. My aircon felt really powerful after that repair.
    Verna Hicks
    My Aircon was not cold, and I called SOServices for a general one-time aircon servicing. They not only serviced my aircon so well that I could see how dirty it was initially, but I also received tips on how to maintain my own aircon. Ended up signing with them for a year.
    Karina santos

    Why SOService’s Aircon Technicians?

    SOS Aircon Filter Washing and Disinfection

    The first contact the air from the aircon blows is right into your Aircon filter. If your filter is dirty, it could bring germs, algae and dust out into the air that you breathe and make you sick. Hence, the first thing that we do, is to ensure that your filter is thoroughly washed and dried. This is how a strong general servicing process should start.

    Cleaning and vacuuming Fans, Water Trays, and internal systems

    Your compressor, fans and water trays are responsible for the cold air that you enjoy. However, if these parts are left dirty, the air you breathe can end up even worse than before. Hence, all parts must be lightly washed with chemicals in general maintenance. After disinfection, we vacuum the internal portions to extract wastewater and leftover dust, so that your aircon is left serviced and clean.

    Flushing of drain system

    Lastly, the back of your AC has a drainage system which removes and treat water and air. A clogged drain system may lead to accumulation of toxic materials and that could be one of the reasons for your poor health in your air-conditioned environment. Once we wash your aircon in general servicing, rest assured that SOServices will clear your drain systems as well.