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    Gas Top-Up Services

    Gas top-up is a type of aircon servicing that deals with repairing units that have trouble producing cool air. An air conditioner won’t be able to serve its purpose if it’s cooling ability is encountering a problem. That is why here at SOServices, we provide high-quality aircon gas top-up services for our valued customers to preserve the efficiency of their air conditioning units.

    Types of Gases for Air Conditioners

    Is your air conditioner not producing cool air? When this happens, it usually means that your aircon’s chemical coolant needs to be replaced. It is possible that your aircon unit either has a gas leak or water leak. When this happens, you need to have aircon servicing done. You need an experienced and professional technician to assist you in conducting the aircon gas top-up process.

    With SOServices, you can always guarantee quality service from our aircon specialists at a good price. Our top-up gas services involve the following:

    • Thorough cleaning and flushing of your aircon's coils

    • Thorough cleaning and clearing of your aircon's drain pipes to remove dirt, molds, and other forms of bacteria

    • Resupplying or replacement of the aircon's chemical coolant to enable it to emit the right amount of cool air

    • The final measurement of your aircon unit's temperature output after the entire treatment has been done to ensure if the status improved

    What Are The Gas Types Used In Aircon Top-Up?

    This service requires different types of gas depending on the type of your unit. Every kind of gas is made from a particular chemical and they also vary when it comes to their effects. We will determine which classification of gas is suitable for the type of aircon unit that you have.


    The R-410 gas and its R-410A variants are considered the newest types of coolants used in aircon units. This substance has a high cooling efficiency but, unlike some of its predecessors, it does not have any negative impact on the environment. This gas type is environmental-friendly and also much affordable because of the amount of gas required and its usage reduced. We highly recommend this type of gas because of its benefits. However, while this is easy to handle, we advise seeking assistance from professional aircon specialists to supply this.

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    R22 gas is one of the old types of gases and is known to be a typical Freon gas. It is still commonly used in old units as a coolant in the compressor. It will be depending on your aircon unit but usually, this is the gas type that it will need for a full top-up service. However, this is also a type of hydrofluorocarbon that can potentially damage the world's ozone layer. It is beginning to be phased out, even in Singapore, since the industry is transitioning towards more environmental-alternatives. That is why we recommend you to use a different type of coolant if it is compatible with your HVAC unit.


    This gas is a difluoromethane that is commonly used in the Freon brand. This mixture has been developed and designed already long ago and it demonstrates relatively high efficiency in aircon cooling which is why many use it as a gas in aircon systems in Singapore. This gas is mostly affiliated with Daikin models, which we are experts in handling its gas top-up requirements. s.

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    The R134 is a widely used gas but it requires much higher pressure and is increasingly difficult to handle. This refrigerant type is being applied to older aircon models but it requires the handling of more experienced aircon maintenance contractors. Fortunately, SOServices has experienced and knowledgeable technicians to handle this type of gas.

    Why Is An Aircon Gas Top-Up Important?

    Before you assume that this type of servicing is expensive and unnecessary, here are some factors you should know when it comes to the importance of aircon gas top-up:


    To Maintain Aircon Functionality

    Aircon units bring in the cool air that provides people with comfort. If it has problems producing the right kind and amount of cooling air, it would be a waste of electricity and a cause of discomfort in your home or workplace. The top-up gas process involves fixing the refrigerant of your aircon unit. The refrigerant is used to absorb the heat that may be present in your house and get rids of it by releasing it outside. If your aircon's refrigerant level is not good, then do not expect your aircon to function properly. A regular gas top-up will ensure the consistent optimal cooling ability of your aircon unit.


    To Prevent Damage To Your Aircon

    When the refrigerant tank's health level is not maintained properly, this will cause a certain leak in the system caused by the differences of pressure in the tanks and the atmosphere. This kind of damage can be avoided by regularly checking and having top-up gas done on your aircon's gas tanks. An aircon gas top-up is very important when it comes to the proper maintenance of your aircon unit because if it encounters any problems, the repairs for that will be much more costly for you. Prevention is always better than cure.


    To Increase Aircon Efficiency

    As mentioned above, an aircon's functionality highly depends on its refrigerant. If the refrigerant is not maintained well, the aircon is having a difficult time utilizing it without causing any damage to the system. The top-up gas process will help your unit keep its refrigerant be at a healthy level which means more efficient cooling for you. This will save you from spending too much on repairs and excessive energy consumption.

    How Is The Aircon Gas Top-Up Being Done?

    Step 1: Checking The Pressure

    SOServices aircon technicians start the process by using an instrument—a measuring gauge—to check the pressure inside your air conditioning unit. If it shows that the pressure inside your aircon is low, then it’s an indicative sign that there is an insufficient amount of refrigerant inside the unit. Another sign that there isn’t enough refrigerant inside the aircon unit is if it’s not functioning as well as it used to. Without a healthy refrigerant level, an air conditioning unit is unable to do most of the work.

    Step 2: Charging Up The Gas Tank

    As a trusted professional aircon servicing company in Singapore, we always start this step by storing the gas in a specialized gas tank to prevent leaks and damage to the refrigerant. The refrigerant should be really taken care of since the optimal cooling ability of the aircon unit relies on it. After the refrigerant is pumped into the gas tank, our experienced aircon technicians will again measure the pressure inside the air conditioner to ensure if the refrigerant has been inserted into the aircon unit successfully.

    Step 3: Final Checks For Maintenance

    After refilling the gas, the last thing to do is to do some final checking of your aircon unit. This is to completely make sure that no other damages or complications have been overlooked. SOServices’ aircon technicians pride themselves on thorough maintenance checks after a gas top-up service. If we happen to find any after a careful inspection, we will recommend a solution and fix it on the spot for you. This will ensure that the aircon has no other faults that could cause further damage–both to your homes, your environment, and to your wallet.

    How Long Does Aircon Gas Last?

    According to most aircon brands, aircon gas has an average lifespan of 10-15 years, depending on its maintenance and usage. When you take care of and maintain your air conditioner well, its gas can last for even up to 2 decades. However, if you do not have it regularly inspected, cleaned, and refilled with a proper chemical coolant by an experienced aircon servicing company like SOServices, then expect it to last for only 5 to 10 years.

    How Much Does Aircon Gas Top-Up Cost?

    Here at SOServices, we offer cost-effective services for our valued customers. The rate for our aircon gas top-up would be eighty dollars (80$) per unit. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Brands that we’ve serviced

    The Gas Top Up Process

    The Gas Top Up Process

    SOServices aircon technicians use a measuring gauge to check the pressure inside your air conditioning unit. If the pressure is low, it is a sure sign that there is not enough refrigerant inside your ac unit. One of the symptoms that there is not enough refrigerant in the ac unit is simply that your aircon is not working as well as it used to – an aircon without its refrigerant is unable to do most of the work.

    Charging up the Gas Tank

    As a professional aircon servicing company in Singapore, we usually store our gas in a specialized gas tank to prevent leaks and damage to the refrigerant. Once the refrigerant is pumped into the gas tank, our experienced aircon technicians will re-measure the pressure inside the air conditioner to ensure that the refrigerant has been inserted into the aircon unit successfully.

    Final checks for maintenance

    One of the possible reasons why gas top ups had to be done repeatedly is that your aircon had a maintenance issue that was not diagnosed. Hence, SOServices usually prides themselves on the maintenance checks after a gas top up service, to ensure that the aircon has no other faults that could cause further damage – both to your homes, your environment and to your wallet. If we catch one, be safely reassured that we will recommend a solution on the spot and fix it on the spot for you.