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    Aircon Installation Services


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    Aircon Installation

    • Checking and reconfirming room size

    • Recommendation on brands

    • Fitting on aircon unit

    • Connection to building and external system

    Types of Aircon Units we install

    Wall-mounted split units

    The split systems are one of the most common systems in Singapore. For Aircon Units, this system is usually seen in Residential, Commercial and even governmental buildings. Hence, this commonly installed aircon unit is easily handled by the experienced aircon technicians in SOServices, as the aircon servicing contractors have been doing their work nationwide for houses, offices and governmental agencies.

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    Cassette Units

    The cassette central units are commonly used in commercial or government buildings. While it is not commonly seen in HDBs or Condos, it is quite common in bungalows and other private standalone housing. Hence, these types of units are easily handled by the professional aircon technicians in SOServices and will be installed seamlessly with our workmanship guarantees.

    Where we install these units


    HDB Aircon Installation​

    HDBs are the residential units of most of the Singapore population. In Singapore’s sweltering heat, there is a strong need for an air conditioning unit, usually the wall-mounted split units. SOServices technicians have handled split units for HDBs of multiple units in a block at once – so trust SOServices to provide an excellent ac installation service.


    Private Residential Aircon Installation

    Private units such as Condominiums and Bungalows also require AC units, albeit in a more complex environment, with a more complicated aircon system. Like the HDBs, these are residential units, and no more complex as the next aircon installation job. As a trustworthy aircon installation company in Singapore, SOServices have had vast experience with these types of properties and have no issues with providing installation services for residential units.


    Commercial Aircon Installation

    Commercial buildings are concentrated right in the heart of Singapore, in Tanjong Pagar, and then are also scattered around the whole island. Commercial aircon installation requires centralized and even cassette units, which are also common throughout the commercial properties, not just in Singapore, but throughout the world. Hence, SOServices are experienced aircon installation contractors in this respect. You will make no mistake in calling SOServices for your aircon installation for commercial properties in Singapore.

    Brands that we’ve serviced

    Why SOServices Installation?

    High Quality workmanship guarantee

    SOServices are guaranteed to bring their clients work satisfaction in our aircon installation services. While aircon installation are common in Singapore, we believe that we can bring a solid and reliable experience for all clients who come to us. We are looking to forge a strong and unshakeable partnership with our clients, who entrust us with their aircon servicing needs. The company is a one-stop maintenance solution and we are now proudly able to offer a whole range of aircon services to all our current clients.

    Robust Operational Plan

    Our aircon installation team has put in place a thorough operations plan before they embark on an aircon servicing installation. For example, before every quotation and timeline, there will be a site visit so that the team may tailor an aircon installation plan that is unique to every building and property. This ensures that the aircon installation service leaves no stone unturned and no room for errors. Our aircon technicians are experienced and are equipped to respond to any type of situations.

    Lower Energy Consumption overall

    SOServices believes in providing top quality services in Singapore at a competitive rate. Aircon installation services are technical and complicated, hence best done by a trustworthy aircon installation contractor. However, the fact that it is a technical service does not mean that a high premium must be charged on the installation fee- hence this belief is put into practice when the aircon services are provided. SOServices are strict on providing excellent services for cheap and affordable prices to be accessible to everyone.