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    Aircon repair & troubleshooting

    • Water Leakage

    • Aircon not cold / Aircon blowing hot air

    • Auto Shutdowns / blinking lights

    • Remote not working

    • Spare parts replacement

    What Units We Troubleshoot


    Outdoor Units Servicing

    Outdoor units are slightly more complicated than the normal household unit and could also be vulnerable to the common technical repairs, such as water leaks. As outdoor units could involve high elements if not on the rooftops, our aircon technicians will be executing troubleshooting maneuvers using safety equipment and harnesses. Aircon diagnostics & repairs will not be an issue for us experienced aircon repairmen.


    Split-System Unit Troubleshooting

    The split system aircon units are the most common units in Singapore. Hence, SOServices gets enquiries about this model almost every day. The troubleshooting for these units usually does not vary, and if you feel worried about the operation of your aircon, feel free to call SOServices and we will get your aircon repaired quickly and smoothly.


    Cassette Unit Troubleshooting

    Cassette Units are common in the commercial buildings in almost every floor. SOServices services these aircon units on an almost daily basis and have collected a database of troubleshooting repair work done on these types of aircon units, and do not have any problem executing troubleshooting on the various kinds of faults reported to us. Feel free to drop in an SOS signal to us!

    The SOS Aircon Troubleshooting and Repair Manual

    Investigation and Diagnosis

    In aircon troubleshooting services, there could be a wide range of problems, not just limited to water leakage, aircon blowing hot air, shutdown and spare parts issues. Hence, the aircon technicians would bring in testing equipment to determine the root cause of your aircon’s operating issues, before suggesting a solution. This makes for a robust assessment as it would reduce the chance of a mere superficial solution.

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    Troubleshooting and Repair

    Based on the issue identified previously in Step 1, the technicians will then continue to solve the issue that was sussed out. For example, if the aircon blowing hot air was due to the aircon gas tank not having enough refrigerant, we would point you towards a gas top-up, which would solve your problem. Hence, depending on the problem, there is a specific troubleshooting method with which SOServices technicians will solve the problem.

    Solutions reporting

    Before we finalize the solution and repair tailored to the troubleshooting, SOServices technicians give you full details of the repair work that was prepared, for your approval. While this is the industry standard for troubleshooting repair work, the technicians place emphasis on this to produce transparency and trust between the company and client for long term partnerships.

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    Post Service and Inspections

    In our experience as certified aircon servicing experts, there is a need to follow up with the client on their requests to check on their AC units again. For malfunctioning ACs in Singapore, there is a chance that a similar malfunction will show itself again after the initial solution. This is because aircon units with an earlier malfunction tend to spoil easily as well. Hence, with that knowledge as aircon specialists, we make it a point to follow up with our clients to check if there are further faults.

    Brands that we’ve serviced

    Why SOServices are your #1 Aircon Troubleshooting and Repair Company in Singapore

    Excellent service quality

    With vast experience in aircon servicing, SOServices’ aircon technicians are confident in completing given tasks with the utmost efficiency and quality. In aircon repair services, a quality aircon repair can go a long way in saving our clientele’s money. A good repair extends the lifespan of an AC unit and reduces the need to immediately replace the current unit, with a newer version, which may cost up to thousands in Singapore. Hence, trust in SOServices to provide the best aircon repair services in Singapore today!

    Thoroughly tested action plan

    Our 4-step action plan has weathered through the times since our conception as a company. SOServices’ aircon technicians has followed our 4-step aircon troubleshooting rulebook, to achieve a readily reproducible and scalable operations cycle. All our technicians, on their on-job-training and their supervisory cycles, have learnt how to deal with repair issues and emergencies via our operations rulebook, and you can rest assured that our action plans have seen all types of aircon troubleshooting situations.

    Insured and protected for your peace of mind

    All our aircon technicians are protected and insured under the Work Injury Compensation Insurance and our Public Liability Insurance. Hence, you may rest assured that we will focus on the task at hand and you, as our client, can sit back, relax, and hand your worries over to us. We are a professional aircon service company that upholds their operational standards in all industries.