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    Our Electrician Services

    Electrical Repair Services

    Your electrical wares at home can break down anytime. With our number of technicians, we are virtually able to repair anything in Singapore, from fans to distribution boxes. We have experienced electricians at your disposal!

    Electrical Installations

    If you have just bought a new electric appliance that does not seem very easy to install, leave it to us. We have had experience from installation the most ordinary distribution boxes, to re-wiring bungalows in Singapore. Let us know what your needs are right now!

    Power Trip Fix

    The scariest incident that can happen in your home is an electrical blackout. Rest assured that SOServices electricians will be available on your contact to go down and have a look at what caused the power failure and get your electricity back up.

    Electrical Wiring Services

    Ever seen smoke coming out of your home or out of a power plug? If you have, then it is a sign that the wires in the house might be a problem. There are other symptoms of a wire issue, such as dim lights or constantly tripped circuit breakers, but let us tell you if there’s a problem!

    Electrical Work Scopes


    Electric Fans

    The fans are one of the most ubiquitous electrical equipment for keeping cool in Singapore’s hot weather. However, these frequently used fans also suffer a high risk of malfunction, a result of being turned on every day. If you feel that your fans are turning slowly or are not working properly, let us know!



    Refrigerators are the only way we can keep our perishables cool in Singapore.
    A machine built to last, running 24/7, a sudden failure could result in the inability to cook or a loss in food supply. If your food goes bad faster than you expect them, it might be that your fridge is have an issue. Call us now!



    Everywhere, the lights are the only way via which you can work at night. Without lights, night activities are essentially out of the question, and the sudden electrical failure of your lights may have a high cost. SOServices respond quickly to installation or repair requests!



    The cable television may be old, but it is gold as your main source of news and entertainment. If your television is spoilt, we have the spare parts that are readily available to be used as replacement for your old TV. Tell us now!


    Washing Machines

    If your washing machine seems like it doesn’t clean clothes well, or it has a choke, there may be an issue with one of its parts. Be it a rotator problem, or an overloading of its filters, there is something that SOServices can always solve.


    Distribution Boards

    If your power keeps tripping, perhaps your distribution board is not working properly to balance the power loads in your home. This board controls the circuit breaker in a home and is an essential electrical equipment in homes everywhere in Singapore.

    Why SOServices?

    No Response Delays

    Urgent electrical outages should be solved as soon as possible as they are disruptions to your normal lifestyle. We ensure a quick response to your distress calls and arrive at your destination prepared with our spare parts straight from our warehouse.

    Skilled and quick

    SOServices’ electricians are trained and experienced in this industry. Electricians need to be efficient in spotting the problem and solving it equally fast. Our electricians are trained by their on-the-job supervisors to do just that.


    Low-cost Electrical services

    SOServices provides top-notch electrician services at an economical price. We can do so via our beliefs that companies should provide high service standards at low rates. We guarantee that we do not overcharge in our prices, and are based mostly on costs to us.