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    Electrical Work Scopes


    Wall Fans

    The wall mounted fan is a common feature for homes and offices. It can be complicated to install a wall fan in Singapore due to it requiring brackets, specialized wirings and additional equipment. Call us for an efficient wall-mounted Fan installation experience, leave it to efficient electrical servicemen of SOServices!


    Distribution Board

    The electric panel, or DB Board for short, is the essential equipment to ensure that homes and offices are protected from electrical hazards. For it to work effectively, there is an installation procedure to be followed. Any wrong step may be a safety hazard. Call a reliable distribution board installation services and let us keep you safe today!



    Installation of lights are a common job for the SOServices Handyman. Lights can range from simple fluorescent and LED lights to more complicated lamps. LED lights and ceiling lights are no problem for us. Let us get your lights working and call our experienced electricians today!


    Ceiling Fans

    Another variant of the fan in Singapore, ceiling fans are used almost everywhere, from HDBs and Condominiums to Commercial Workspaces and Schools. Ceiling fans are commonly installed in various facilities, leave it to us to keep your areas cool and ventilated.


    Electrical Switch

    Electrical switches are the appliances via which your property is connected to its power source. Without switches, you are unable to control what turns on and off. As an important electrical appliance, let the licensed electrical workers in SOServices do the job.


    Power Outlets

    In homes and offices, power outlets are the only area where your appliances can be connected and powered. For new renovations or newly built properties, this may be one of the final touch-ups of your property. Let us power your property with our licensed electrical installation services!

    The SOServices Installation Process

    Complimentary product check

    We first check all new products for any defects and advise you if there is a need to activate the warranty on the device. Our handymen will conduct a free assessment on your new product to ensure that what is installed will work best and without fail.

    Safety First!

    SOServices electricians are here to install your appliance safely. There is a safety procedure for all electricians to follow, such as turning off the power to ensure safety, and careful handling of all wires. Insulation is also strongly recommended as a double protection for all our electricians. Our installation process ensures the safety of our electricians and your property, and this is the hallmark of professional electrical installation services in Singapore.



    Our professional electricians are on-call for any questions or re-servicing needs after installation. While most of our cases do not face any problems after installation, our reliable electrical services keep in mind the client’s needs. It can be scary to immediately run into an issue after installation, and SOServices has a workmanship guarantee for you. Call us right away and we will answer your questions.