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    Electric Wiring and Rewiring Services


    Our Electrician Services

    Repeated Blackouts

    If your property experienced repeated blackouts, there may be wires that are faulty, or wires that are loose in the mainlines. In all cases, the wiring of the property may have issues and it would be best to call experienced electricians to solve the problem. It is an utter inconvenience to have electricity unusable in the property.

    Constant Circuit Breaker failure

    If the circuit breaker is tripping constantly, it may be because there is a loose wiring somewhere in the house, or a switch could be faulty. If the safety switch in the property is constantly tripped, it is a huge safety concern for the people staying in the property. Please contact your professional electricians in Singapore before you do anything related to wires.

    Faulty Wires found

    This is the main cause of all re-wiring and wiring installation job requests in Singapore. The root of the electrical wiring fault is usually due to the wires themselves, and accounts for more than 90% of cases. If your property has not been rewired for more than 30 years, it becomes a safety hazard. Let us know about your wiring concerns today!

    Post-Renovation Work

    After a renovation to your home or office, it is possible that your wires can be damaged due to all the construction work. It is best to get a licensed electrician to work together with your renovation contractor so that the wires can be installed safely. Without good quality electrical works, your ideal property would lack important functions without smooth electric supply.

    Wiring Work Scopes


    HDB Wiring

    Housing Development Board (HDB) flats are one the main residential properties in Singapore. As one of the oldest types of flats, the wires could be faulty, and inspection is necessary. In addition, renovation works are common. Wires in the HDB can be dealt with swiftly with our experienced electricians.


    Residential wiring

    Private residential properties such as condominiums and bungalows also require wiring. Properties in residential properties may need permission from the property manager, especially in condos in Singapore, but have more freedom to work with in the case of bungalows. As an experienced wiring electrician in Singapore, SOServices know how to work with different types of properties.


    Wiring Installation

    Having a new or renovated property is not an excuse to be careless on the wiring system. For you to enjoy your property to the maximum, the appliances in the property must work properly. For that to happen, one of the necessities in the property is electricity without disruption. Wires are complicated to install so let the top electrician service in Singapore settle your electric pain points!


    Full Re-wiring

    Should the fault of the wires run for a consideration length, or is present in a few of the wires, perhaps it would be best for you to change the wires of your property completely. It may sound expensive to do so, but the separate minor repairs for numerous wires can add up. It can make economic sense as it reduces the need to replace your wires in the future as well. Let us rewire your property!


    Partial Re-wiring

    If the faults are isolated and small, partial rewiring of your property in Singapore could be the way to go. It does not make economic sense for a complete rewiring if your wires are still new, and the faults are low in number, or minor. With a good plan in place, wiring costs are kept low and faults can be fixed quickly.


    Commercial Wiring

    Commercial properties also require full wiring services especially when there are renovations. For business, electricity to power WIFI and laptops are particularly important. SOServices can plan out the electric wires layout in the property to achieve the lowest energy cost and full functionality of your property. Work with a peace of mind, leave your wiring needs to the best electrician services today!

    The wiring process of SOServices

    Careful planning

    In the case of complete re-wiring services, SOServices electricians will come up with a plan for the electrical layout of the property. Based on our experience and templates with the floor plans of the existing residential properties we oversee, we can offer an electrical wiring plan quickly and effectively. Our electricians are experienced in executing plans that based on effective wiring strategies.

    Safe and Sound execution

    Our electricians will not go at it alone. Electrical wiring works are complex by nature and will be more efficiently carried out via small teams. One of them, a supervisor, will be responsible for the overall execution of the electrical wiring repairs and installations on the ground, while also keeping an eye out for unexpected faults, or potential safety breaches. SOServices also has a store of spare parts ready to be utilized should the need arise.


    Finishing touches and post-service

    After the electric wires have been installed properly, we work with the renovation contractor to restore the property’s beauty before the electrical works. We understand that to the client, the property should as pristine, if not more, than before. Hence, we ensure that our work is done properly, and finished nicely for the sake of our clients. Our work quality is guaranteed.