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    Clear Chokes

    If your pipes and taps suddenly are unable to draw water properly, or have low water pressure, you may be experiencing a choke in one of your drainpipes or taps. Chokes could cause a huge problem in homes, leading to bigger problems such as pipe bursts when the pressure soars. Let us know!

    Fix Leakages

    Leakages can happen to toilet facilities such as taps, pipes or even toilet bowls. If the floor below your sinks are wet as well, perhaps your sink is also leaking. Leaks can be the most insidious source of damage for your house as water could damage floors or walls. Before that happens, get it fixed today!

    New Installations

    If you are ready to put that new toilet bowl to use, entrust SOServices with their seamless installation service. SOServices has a range of plumbing installation experience, from simple items such as sinks and toilets, to complex piping systems in buildings. If you would like an installation for your new equipment to work fine, call us today!

    Repair & Replace

    No matter how sturdy the house infrastructure is in Singapore, there is always a time limit to their durability. In this case, even the strongest pipes, toilets or sinks will have a day when it starts to malfunction. With our experienced plumbing technicians, SOservices are able to repair your faulty facilities. If the item is beyond repair, we are able to replace it with our spare parts.

    Plumbing services for…


    Sinks and Basins

    Sinks and Basins are a large part of houses everywhere in Singapore. Without your sinks, you are unable to do your cooking or washing properly. Sinks are vulnerable to plumbing faults such as leakages and chokes. If there is an issue, let us know today.



    Pipes are the facilities that make the whole house run. Pipes connect the water sources to facilities around the house, and if there are leaks, or chokes in the pipes, you may notice that the water source may be cut off. If there is a pipe issue, call us today and we will respond immediately.


    Toilet Bowls

    Toilet bowls are the signature of washrooms in Singapore. It is obvious when the toilet bowls malfunction, such as when it does not flush properly, or is leaking water. If it does not flush well, perhaps there is an issue with the system rather than the bowl itself. Let us run diagnosis on this.

    Kitchen & Toilet Drainage

    Without drainages, a lot of chores and activities cannot be done in homes. Activities such as washing, or even showering can become a huge bother. As water does not drain, there may be a huge issue when finishing these activities. Let us solve your problem today.

    Water Heater

    Water heaters are important for the showers during cold rainy days. Hot water is also required for washing clothes, or washing dishes using warm water. When your water heater malfunctions, it becomes dangerous for people at home to continue using them. Contact us to solve your inconvenience today.

    Taps and Faucets

    Taps and faucets are the primary outlet and water source for homes in Singapore. If your tap does not draw water properly or at all, it could be an issue with the tap. We can repair or replace the taps to solve the problem. Let us know if your faucet is causing you problems.

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    SOServices is one of the best plumbing companies in Singapore. They responded to my call immediately and told me that they could send someone down within an hour. It was nice to have plumbing issues solved so quickly.
    - Jessica
    I called SOServices to install my water heater and they did an excellent job. Water Heater works well, and the plumber even told me how to fix any potential problems with the water heater.
    - David Koh
    I called SOServices to install my water heater and they did an excellent job. Water Heater works well, and the plumber even told me how to fix any potential problems with the water heater.
    - Ricky Wu

    Why Use SOServices?


    Quick and Effective

    SOServices wastes no time in responding to plumbing requests. Our company beliefs are that plumbing issues should be solved quickly as is an inconvenience to homes in Singapore. When you call us, our minimal service line is to respond to you within an hour, if not immediately. We are the quickest and most efficient plumbers in Singapore.

    Trained Veterans

    SOServices ensures that all their plumbing handymen are trained and have access to a large vault of spare parts. Even after their hands-on training, our handymen are made to go on On-the-job trainings together with our experienced supervisors. This is how we ensure that all our handymen have the experience and confidence to solve issues.

    Cheap Solutions

    SOServices delivers efficient and quality services at cheap rates. We never compromise on the value of the service even with lower rates and believe that fast plumbing services should be available to others. Plumbing is a technical service, but an important one. To have someone ensure your peace of mind at an affordable rate is a pleasure that many should enjoy.