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    Sink Choke Plumbing Services


    Reasons why your sink is clogged

    Food Waste

    For your kitchen sinks, preparing food and related daily activities could cause a clog in your sink. By repeatedly flushing food down your sink and drainage, an inevitable buildup of food and foreign objects occurs in your sink’s drainpipe. Hence, when you notice that your sinks are not draining properly, this could be one of the most direct reasons why.


    Regardless of kitchen or bathroom, the human hair will always keep dropping. Hence, the buildup of hair throughout the years could add up to a shocking amount. Hence, a mass of hair stuck on your sink’s drainage pipe is a sure cause for concern when not swiftly dealt with. However, this problem can be easily dealt with by the experienced plumbers in SOServices.

    Foreign Materials

    Not just food and hair, there are also foreign materials that you may have unknowingly washed down your sink and is unable to be removed via the normal drain suction. These small objects could range from something as unexpected as dirt, metals and even children’s toys when you are not careful. Toilet paper as well is one of the highest causes of sink chokes and they tend to be washed down sinks as well due to cleaning activities in the sink’s vicinity.


    Now this is an unexpected clog in your sink. This is due to the soaps difference in materials, some could be made with grease or fats. These fats are known to combine with certain substances in the water delivered by pipe to form a hard material called Scum, and these will tend to clog your drainage pipes right under the sink. This is a problem just not isolated in Singapore, but worldwide as well. While a shocking revelation to most, this is a problem that trustworthy plumbing services In Singapore are always able to troubleshoot.

    How can these clogs be cleared?


    Vinegar & Baking Soda

    One of the good old remedies that may have been taught to you by your parents. There is actually a scientific explanation to how this works. The mixture can be strongly alkali or acidic that will in turn melt or react with the foreign objects that sit in your sink drainage. Once the foreign object is reacted away, it is then able to clear the way out for the sink to drain properly. Once your homemade chemical mixture clears the sink choke, you are in the clear. However, be careful of damaging your pipes with a mix of chemicals that are not properly handled. Leave it to the reliable plumbing services for your best option to clear your clogged sink.


    Chemicals and plunger

    Another common way that you may have seen is to use stronger chemicals to let sit in the clogged sink, and then using a plunger to push out the offending substance or object. The strong chemicals work due to the same principles as the vinegar and baking soda, by having the chemical potency to react away or at least soften the object that is choking the sink. By doing so, it allows the suction from the plunger to do its work easily – a plunger is able to clear a choke when the stuck object is loosened or reduced in size. However, chemicals used without focus will potentially damage the drainage system. It is not recommended to use chemicals without proper plumbing knowledge.


    Plumbing Snake

    A plumbing snake is one of the trademark tools of a professional plumber in Singapore. What it does is that it goes directly to the source of the clog and pumps out the stuck object with high pressure. However, without any idea of which point of the drainage the blockage is, plumbers may have to push and pull the plumbing tool into the drainage system with a substantial amount of force. Only when the tool has reached the site of the sink choke, can the plumber press the trigger on the plumbing snake and pump out the foreign object. This is the most direct way of solving the problem.

    Why SOServices for your sink chokes


    Well-equipped plumbers

    SOServices plumbers are equipped with a whole set of plumbing equipment designed to deal with plumbing issues right from the root. Hence, SOServices plumbers are well-known for their service quality. They are able to use strong technology to solve plumbing issues with high efficiency. This saves not just your time, and your money as well, since sink clogs can be solved in the blink of an eye.

    Robust and thorough examination

    While sink chokes in Singapore are usually simple issues that can be solved directly without problems, it may not be the root cause. For example, if there are repeated sink chokes happening in your house, the problem may be with the drainage system or pipes rather than your sink itself. The sinks may not be able to drain well because the suction provided by other drainage systems are simply not enough. Hence, we do a thorough check for you on your systems to make sure.


    SOServices pride themselves on their service quality. Not only will we solve your plumbing and sink choke issues thoroughly and quickly, we are also readily available to come back to your property to run post-service tests and checks on your sinks to make sure that there are no other issues that we miss out. We are proud on our operations process, and we cannot wait for you to experience our top quality plumbing services.