Top-up Aircon Gas Process

Top Up Aircon Gas Process Singapore

For so long, the presence of air conditioners made people’s lives more comfortable and easier to bear. Many of us, experience an immense amount of heat due to the weather. In Singapore, a lot of its population makes use of air conditioning systems due to the given climate. From building to building, air conditioners are being used. To put it simply, we constantly desire to be in a room where we can feel the cooling pleasure that comes from our respective aircon units.

However, having a well-functioning air conditioner demands proper maintenance. It is important to know how to take care of your air conditioning system. Otherwise, there are likely chances for you to encounter problems. One particular problem you can encounter is when your air conditioner is not producing the cold air you need. This may lead to its overuse and too much energy consumption. If you want something to last, you have to know how to take good care of it.


Advantages and Benefits of Maintaining your Air Conditioners


  • It ensures better endurance and longevity. If we are used to the cooling comfort being produced by our air conditioner, it would be best to keep it in shape. Cleaning its parts such as the air filter and coil condenser and using it reasonably allows it to function well consistently and longer. It is also advisable to have an aircon servicing company to conduct a regular inspection of your unit to check if there are any problems.
  • It helps you save your income. You can avoid the hassle that comes with damage repairs and costly energy bills. If your unit keeps encountering problems due to overuse and negligence, you will be forced to keep on getting your wallet out.
  • It helps create a positive atmosphere. When a person’s body is properly ventilated, it helps you think better and move around better. This allows you to tend to your day to day routines with less stress and negativity.

Speaking of maintenance, there are plenty of ways to do this—one of which is conducting an aircon gas top-up. Top-up gas may be familiar to some and it usually requires the services of a professional such as an aircon specialist. However, that does not necessarily mean you can’t do the gas top up yourself. Any person is capable of handling this matter on his own just as long as you have a sufficient understanding of the task at hand and gathered the right equipment for it.


Ways How You Can Do Aircon Gas Top-Up

Before we proceed with the ways how you can do the aircon gas top-up, you have to understand why this process is necessary in the first place: possible leaks on your air conditioner. This can be the result of many possible causes such as the inaccurate installation of your aircon unit, the use of the low-quality copper pipe, or the chemical residue that was the result of an improper chemical wash. As long as your AC has unsealed leaks, that is going to be a problem.

This issue could be solved by sealing the leaks and refilling the AC with the refrigerant gas and chemical coolant it needs to help it function properly. Without having it fixed through gas top-up, your unit will most likely refrain from producing the cooling effect it should be. Gas top-up is a process that is meant to restore your air conditioner to its prime condition.

First, you need to have these three important items: a charging kit, a refrigerant, and eye protection gear or equipment. These are items that are essential when it comes to the gas top-up. Additionally, doing the gas top up may require you to obtain kits from retailers that work with auto parts or at departmental stores. This kit has a pressure gauge that lessens the troubleshooting and enables you to do the charging easier.


Steps of Aircon Gas Top-Up Process

Below are the steps of the aircon gas top-up process. If you follow these, you will ensure a successful repair of the damage in your AC:

  • Check if your AC is producing cold air. Check the temperature level on the thermostat and then determine whether or not the unit is producing the right amount of cold air.
  • Inspect if there is any water or gas leak. Do your best to seal them immediately. Sometimes, if the leakage problem was solved, the top-up gas is no longer necessary unless it begins leaking again.
  • For further inspection, seek the help of a professional. Doing things on your own enables you to save more but asking assistance from an aircon servicing team would also lead to better results.

Before proceeding with the gas-refilling process, familiarize yourself first with the types being used for the aircon gas top-up services:

  • R410 gas is the newest type of chemical coolant being used. It has a highly-efficient cooling effect that is not harmful to the environment when used. It is also budget-friendly and much easier to handle.
  • R22 gas is commonly utilized as a chemical coolant in the compressor of older units. This is the gas type that a unit will need for a full top-up, but it still depends on the type of the aircon unit. The disadvantage of this is that it is a type of hydrofluorocarbon that can harm the ozone layer.
  • The R32 gas, a difluoromethane, is widely used in air conditioning systems in Singapore. It exhibits high cooling efficiency.
  • The R-134 gas requires more pressure and handling difficulty, in spite of being commonly used as well. This chemical coolant was used in older aircon models and it demands highly-experienced aircon maintenance service-providers to handle it.


Steps in Refilling Gas in your Air Conditioner


Now in the process of refilling the gas in the air conditioner, there are certain steps you must take. Read and understand every single one listed below:

  1. Make sure that the unit has a refrigerant. The refrigerant is the mixture of different heat transfer fluids that runs in the middle of the indoor unit and outdoor unit.
  2. Inspect if there is anything blocking the condenser or the compressor. Since the condenser is the outside part of the air conditioning unit, chances are there are objects such as leaves, sticks, stones, or other things from the exterior surroundings of your house that could serve as an obstruction to it.
  3. Check the refrigerant can.
  4. Carefully insert the tapping valve into the can, make sure it’s secured, then close it.
  5. Open the valve and remove the charging hose. By then, the refrigerant should be filling in.
  6. Using low pressure, look for the charging port.
  7. Start the aircon’s engine and put it on high cool or high fan.
  8. You should hear the refrigerant going through the charging hose. Open the valve to hear it.
  9. Wait a while as the contents are being distributed.
  10. Finally, close the valve and disconnect the hose.

Wrapping Up

Conducting the process of gas top-up takes a bit of time and effort. But it serves as an advantage since it makes you more familiarized with handling the issues of your AC yourself. We can’t expect HVAC units to perform forever. But with the right amount of time and maintenance, you can guarantee that your heating and cooling systems will function better for a longer period of time. This means you have more chances of enjoying the cooling experience of your air conditioning units without having to worry about excessive spending on damages and high electrical bills.

However, if the gas top-up process appears too overwhelming or confusing on your end, feel free to avail services of certified professionals. Here at SOServices, we provide high-quality and reliable aircon services including top-up gas. With our aircon gas top-up service, we can help by doing the following:

  • flushing and cleaning of air conditioners
  • clearing of your unit’s drain pipes
  • resupplying the aircon coolants
  • the final measurement of the unit’s temperature output

As one of the aircon service companies in Singapore, we continuously aim to help our customers with their HVAC maintenance needs using our expertise. Our licensed technicians are equipped and skilled in both aircon maintenance and customer service. For more information on our services, you may visit our website and reach out to us through our contact number or email.